Edible World Institute is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, based in Kailua-Kona Hawaii. EWI offers two primary educational opportunities in the culinary arts, conducted and managed by the organization’s officers, Samantha Smith, Tracy Cates, and Mark Huntley.

The School

Edible World School is a two-year culinary arts program for post-secondary students, beginning in September 2016. This program is grounded in history and culture, and extends well beyond the kitchen. Our students will explore the entire food pathway from forest and farm to table, with special focus on generating opportunities for students and students’ communities.

The school will offer two primary themes of study: Preparation and Procurement. Both themes provide students with an understanding of the entire spectrum of activities that create food. The Preparation Curriculum is focused on the culinary arts and sciences, practiced at the Edible World Restaurant, and is offered in 2015. The Procurement Curriculum will focus on the arts and sciences of finding and growing food, practiced in a network of community farms and gardens collaborating in the Edible World Food Cooperative, and will be offered beginning in 2017.

Edible World School will enroll up to 12 students in 2015, and will be staffed by 5 teachers. The school will operate on a semester system. All courses will actively engage students in the local food environment of Hawaii Island, and will take them into forest, field, farm, and market to produce and procure their food, prepared in Edible World kitchens, and presented to the community in a school-operated restaurant.



Cooking Camps

Edible World Cooking Camps include a variety of intensive 1 to 2 week programs for students between the ages of 13 and 17. Our first Cooking Camps will start in August 2014, and will emphasize local, sustainable, and organic foods of the island of Hawaii. Students will learn how to procure and prepare foods from local farms and oceans, while learning basic culinary techniques. Each camp culminates in a meal that showcases the skills of the students, for friends, parents, donors, and members of the community.



Funding, Resources

Edible World Institute expects to be sustained in part by donations and grants. At the same time, the organization plans to depend largely on revenues related to its educational activities as the basis for sustainability and growth.