Edible World Institute is dedicated to promoting healthy food systems: individually, communally, and globally. We believe that for food to be nutritious, it must be fresh. And to be fresh, food must be local. The cycle of sustainability begins with each individual and ripples out into the greater community. Edible World Institute’s aim is to promote grassroots processes that can be successful for individuals and in any community.

Our vision is a regenerative, global food system, supporting thriving and healthy communities.  This transformation sees the production, procurement, and preparation of foods as locally  based, for optimal health and happiness.

Our mission is to provide individuals and communities with replicable and simple tools and resources, to enable easily attainable, economically viable, and health-promoting solutions.

Our strategy is to educate a new vanguard of culinary pioneers, providing them with the fundamental tools needed to create their own “Edible World.”