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Edible World Institute is a for-purpose, non-profit organization, based in
Kailua-Kona Hawaii.

We offer two primary educational
opportunities in the culinary arts…


Travel Camp

Edible World Institute’s culinary expeditions are immersive and interactive. We foster culinary diplomacy to facilitate collaboration across cultures, and enhance the lives of those willing to share in the experience.


Meet The Mentors

We are proud to present our talented
cast of kitchen characters…

Stay tuned as we add more
mentors to the list!

What Our Students Are Saying…

Samantha is a very kind person, and an excellent chef with a great amount of leadership. She taught me a huge amount about the many aspects of the culinary arts. I learned more about the culinary arts than I have from anybody when she was my instructor at COOK! The summer after being a COOK! student, I interned at the COOK! camp, where I was more easily able to observe how kind, patient, and what a good teacher Samantha is. She is also just plain fun to be around, and I can say without a doubt that she's one of the best teachers I've ever had.

Kevin Hughes

Working and learning from Samantha has gotten me where I am today. When I first started going to summer camp to learn from Samantha I fell in love right away. I had never spent even a full day away from home and the idea of trusting someone to take care of me and teach me was very scary for me when I was eight or nine. The more I got to know her the more I loved her. Samantha had a way of not only moving through the kitchen, but throughout life, that made everything seem so simple and perfect. I am sixteen now. Samantha has given me the skills I need to be where I am today. I intern at two of Oakland, California's most highly regarded restaurants and I attribute all of this to Samantha. To this day me and Samantha continue to get closer and learn more from each other. She is the greatest teacher I have ever had, a dear friend, and someone I look up to and look to in times of need.

Elazar Sontag